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best natural progesterone cream reviewsNatpro natural progesterone cream reviews are important to me as the person who provides this product and service and to my customers when deciding to buy from us or not. I often read product reviews myself when buying things particularly from Amazon, and find them to be a very useful tool when making up my mind whether to buy or to go with another product.

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Jan 14, 2014 by Sheila Golding

I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend this cream to help balance the hormones for both male and female use. I use it for Menopausal symptoms, which it has sorted with no effort and my husband uses it to prevent prostate problems. I think it is a marvellous product. Jean Morgan is so approachable too. I definitely intend to keep buying from her and I have recommended this website to my family and friends.



Dec 12, 2013 by Helen

I have been using the Natpro cream for about 7 months now. It took me (my
body) about 5 months to settle into it properly, but I'm glad I stuck with
it even after a couple of hickups including sickness and nausea. I use it
morning and night for 3 weeks of each month. My main motivation for taking
it was about my lack of concentration, short term memory blips and inability
to multi-task etc, and I also had an underlying feeling of anxiety. I was
having the occasional hot flushes and a period every other month roughly.
Natpro just gradually smoothed things out. First the anxiety went, then I
was able to think clearly and start multi-tasking again! The gaps between
periods have become longer & I'm hoping the periods will stop completely
soon. I still have hot flushes a bit more frequently lately than before,
but all in all I wouldn't want to be without the Natpro. It has allowed me
to think clearly again and my short term memory is loads better."

Thanks for supplying the cream, Jean. I haven't found another UK supplier,
as Amazon have stopped supplying it.


Nov 06, 2013 by Tanya Nash

I highly recommend buying Natpro from Jean. My latest delivery has arrived as promptly as the previous ones have done. And her prices are great. I've been buying from her for over a year.

I've tried other progesterone creams but Natpro has been the most beneficial. Its a nice quality product and the higher quantity of progesterone per gramme than in the others brands makes it excellent value for me.

Thanks Jean for helping us UK ladies in our hours of need.


Aug 20, 2013 by Alexandra

The service offered is excellent. I orderered the cream on Saturday, by Tuesday it had arrived.

Upon ordering, I received an explanatory email regarding use. I will certainly recommend Jean's website, as this level of service is difficult to find.


Aug 06, 2013 by Ann Harris

I have been using Natpro for about 3 years and have found Jean's service very good. Before I ordered this product, I had a long chat with Jean who helped me enormously. After the menopause,I shrunk internally and this prevented intercourse as it was so painful but the Natpro has definitely helped the problem.

First order

Aug 03, 2013 by Chrissie

Just ordered my first tube. Ordering very quick and easy. You are my very last resort after 12 years of misery post hysterectomy. I will write more reviews when tried. I only hope this helps the infinite health problems I am suffering from.

Can only rate this one star at present, as have not used yet.

Natpro - speaks by results

May 20, 2013 by Jill

I have been using Natpro for about 4 years now, but originally purchased it direct from the suppliers in the US.
I've recently used the service provided by Jean and her company and found it to be excellent. The products arrived super quick after ordering. I shall certainly be putting in more orders in future.
Natpro is most definitely a product that speaks from results.
For some 25 years I experienced severely sore breasts for one week out of every month. Effectively a quarter of my life was affected by this, and although I became resigned to this fact, I came to dread certain situations and had to think ahead accordingly to minimise the impacts: such as avoiding going on a packed tube train in case I was bumped into; having to make sure I folded my arms for support when going downstairs; never hurrying quickly; avoiding hugs, and having to pad my chest and strap myself together well if I wanted to continue running for pleasure and exercise. Nothing worked that was prescribed for me, and I tried a number of medications including Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil that were recommended by my doctor.
It was my osteopath who discovered Natpro after observing a number of his female clients suffering various symptoms from their menstrual cycles, and in particular on one occasion when I was unable to lie on my
front in order for him to treat my re-occurring back problem.
The benefit of using Natpro was almost immediate for me. I certainly noticed improvement within one month of usage, and have experienced no soreness since - if I remember to take it at the correct time during my
cycle. It's important to follow the instructions! Occasionally I think I must have grown out of the soreness symptoms, and so have stopped using the product, but then am generally reminded quite soon by my body as to
why I was using the product in the first place.
I have noticed symptoms of recent that I might be starting the menopausal stage of my life. Having read the reviews here, I feel encouraged that Natpro can possibly contribute to alleviate any symptoms that prove problematic for me. But it's a pity that it can't slow down the approach of grey hair and wrinkles.....

Natpro, an old friend

May 16, 2013 by Eileen

Sorry Jean for not writing before now. I must have been using Natpro for at least 16 years and rather take it, and your wonderful service, for granted. Initially, I used it to keep me sane! Menopausal time for me was very weepy but Natpro rescued me. I find myself \'going down\' at the end of my few days off Natpro which proves that I still need it at my age of a youthful 75. Now my husband has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and surprisingly needed little encouragement to start using Natpro (hence the extra order Jean). He has been using it since April 24th so not at all enough time for effect. We don\'t know what treatment he will have until the biopsy result May 20th. Is there anyone out there with similar experience? Will it be ok to continue with Natpro during other treatment?
I feel it would be useless to ask the consultant! I see that in October 2012, Mary South said her husband had been using Natpro for men. Is there a different Natpro for men? I really doubt it but would like confirmation please. Gratefully, Eileen.
ps I have been in remission from ovarian cancer for 2 years, when first diagnosed, I asked the gynaecologist about continuing to use natural progesterone and he said I would be wasting my money as it has been proved that it isn\'t even absorbed into the body and I might as well rub it on my head. Typical! We all know differently don\'t we?

Response: I firstly thank you for your kind words. Secondly I have to say that the level of ignorance within the medical profession continues unabated.
I spoke with Mary a few weeks ago and her husband continues to do well, his consultant is very pleased with him and actually encourages him rather than putting him down as a fool. As far as I know there are no indications that it shouldn\'t be used when receiving other treatments. There is no special formula for men so carry on as you are with it.
Congratulations to you on the remission of 2 years. It is known that some cancers feed on oestrogen and it seems that progesterone works against that.
All the best to you both and hoping you have some good news soon. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.i

My Happy Cream

May 09, 2013 by Heather

Well I am moving through the next phase of my life thanks to Jean and Natpro. Natpro has been helping me with pain management of fibroids for a few years now, so here I am taking Natpro into my peri menopausal stage of life, I call it my HAPPY CREAM. I just want to reassure people that this cream can really change your life if you understand how it can work with your body and to give it time to work 3-4 months to really kick in. It is important to experiment on the dose as I found that I really needed to up the dose for complete pain relief. Now hitting menopause, I am on a lower dose and will use it as long as I need it, comforted by the fact that it is safe to use. I just ordered another three tubes. Stay healthy stay happy. Heather

Taking Natpro for granted!

Apr 16, 2013 by Elizabeth Thomson

I have been taking Natpro for nine months now and realise I now take it for granted - it's part of my normal daily routine. I realised this the other day when I discovered I had nearly finished my last tube and panicked because we're going away next week. However, I ordered it online on Saturday and it has just arrived now, Tuesday morning.

I suffered post menopausal symptons (hot flashes, terrible night sweats, joint aches, moods, etc.)for 11 miserable years after the GP made me stop taking HRT, but these improved very quickly when I started using the cream. I have used a tube per month for nine months now and I suppose I could try gradually reducing the amount I use. I find the central heating in winter doesn't help, and I am better in the more temperate months (summer in Scotland!), so maybe now, in April, is the time to start cutting down a bit and see what happens.

I have tried all the other products: Menopace, Black Cohosh, Red Clover etc., but Natpro is the only reliable treatment for me. I wouldn't be without it now. Thank you so much.

Natpro "My magic Cream"

Oct 03, 2012 by Mary South

I went through a horrendous early menopause that made my life a misery. Then I heard about Natpro & within 3 days all my sweating vanished. I still use a little daily, ie 21 day's on & 7 off. My husband sadly has Prostate cancer that's spread a bit & should be in his bones, but it's not. We are convinced this is due to him using the cream also. Thank you Jean for all you have done for us, we owe you big time. You have not had it easy selling Natpro to help others & despite your own health issues that would of made most give in, you never did. You fought the good fight, because you are a very caring person who has helped soo many women & men. Jean you are an ANGEL! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!

A 'no brainer'

Jun 16, 2012 by Jan Stanway

I have used progesterone cream for around a decade due to early menopause and all I want to say is quite simply; I do not experience the symptons that I observe in women around me and although I was diagnosed as osteopenic some years ago, my bone density results have evened out. That is to say, the density has not taken the huge plunge most often experienced during menopause. A healthy diet, exercise and Natpro have all helped!

miracle cream

Jun 09, 2012 by Laura Gibson

I first started using this cream about 14 months ago after reading a book I came across on a website. I had suffered heavy periods for many years and all the usual pms too but it was only when my blood count dropped to 7.2 (normal range 12-15) that my GP sent me to see a Consultant gynaecologist for investigation. After scans etc, I was told that I would need a hysterectomy as I had huge fibroids and surgery was the only option. As my blood count was too low to undergo an operation immediately, I was given iron tablets and told to return 8 weeks later. When I went for my pre op checks, the nurse noticed that the consultant wasn't aware that I had an ectopic kidney in my pelvis (even although I had mentioned this to the Dr that did the ultrasound) and that I would need to see the consultant again before they scheduled the operation. After another scan, I was told that a hysterectomy would be too dangerous as my kidney was located in the area that would be cut and clamped. I was offered a second opinion which I agreed to and it was while I was waiting for an appointment that I discovered the book on a website. After reading the book I thought I would try the cream as in my case I had nothing to lose. I noticed that my night sweats and hot flushes reduced after 6 weeks and after 7 months my periods became normal. I did go and see a second consultant and told him that I had started using the cream and that I wanted to wait and see if my fibroids had shrunk. I haven't returned to the hospital to have a scan to confirm the fibroids have shrunk but I do believe they have as I no longer flood and can sleep through the night without being disturbed. I suffered for 15 years with heavy periods and anaemia. I wish I had discovered this cream when I was 30! However, this said, I am so relieved that I didn't have a hysterectomy or have a Uterine Fibroid Embolisation procedure . After seeing the benefits of this cream for myself I do ask the question '' why are women undergoing surgery when there is an alternative?'' The answers are in the book ''What your Doctor may not tell you about Premenopause'' by John R Lee M.D. Some people might think this cream is expensive and might be put off thinking it will be a waste of money. I say give it a try for at least 3 months and only use Natpro. My neighbour works in a pharmacy and she told me she had tried these creams before and they didn't work. When she showed me the creams, the dose was very low a fraction of the natural progesterone cream compared with Natpro. That is why they never worked for her! I ran out of Natpro and went on holiday.......I have been having hot flushes and night sweats and although I have reordered today.......I won't be running out in the future! I hope Jean continues to supply this in the UK as I haven't been able to find any other supplier.

Natpro - I wouldn't be without it

Apr 18, 2012 by Monica Corless

Dear All

I have been using Natpro since September 2011 after having tried other similar products. It's clear that Natpro is the real deal and gets to work in the most reliable fashion. It took 3 months really before I felt any benefit and actually was ready to give up as I thought things were getting worse. However, I battled through and am now reaping the rewards. My main symptom was really bad breast pain around ovulation (had this since puberty) but I have now been without this pain for 5 months now and also have improved moods etc, PMS being minimal. It is important to use the amount your body requires and maintain this until you feel you can reduce but I find I need it most of the time to keep my progesterone levels dominant. I wonder why of all the doctors and health experts I have seen over the years, no one thought I might be oestrogen dominant! Anyway, I live in the now and things are good.


Apr 18, 2012 by lindsay

I am a real person, I am not making this up.... I really do reccommend this product. It has stopped nightly hot flushes, breast pain, hair loss, mood swings and acne, releved skin sensitivity (excema and allergic reactions ) the list goes on, I am sure my symptoms were due to hormonal imbalance and early onset of menopausal symptoms. (I am now 41 and have used this for 18 months) I was desperate and in a bad state. I think I suffered eaostrogen dominance at first as my acne changed and worsened for a while before it got better. But I could feel it working. I would not just stop taking this, I may lower the dose at some point. I also take 2 max strength starflower oil tablets a day and use jan marini bioglycolic skin wash. These three things have helped me so much. But the cream is the main factor. And excellent fast service. Thanks Jean. PS I also feel calmer and human!

Excellent service

Apr 04, 2012 by Cathy

I keep thinking that this cream is not needed any more, and then have a week off to realise how brilliant it is.
Hot flushes are very much reduced, and postal service is very prompt.

Natpro - my close assistant!

Mar 16, 2012 by Merle Bernstein

I have been using Natpro for a few years and recently went through a very difficult & stressful time. Quite forgetting to re-order during this stage of my life and suddenly woke up to the fact that I felt below par. I'm back on track and feel the benefit.

Thank You

Mar 10, 2012 by Heather

I just wanted to say that this cream has changed my life, I suffered for years with immense pain before my cycle and heavy bleeding caused by fibroids. I used to have to take so many pain killers that it started to affect my liver. Napro was my last hope before I choose the last result of the old op! At first I was not applying enough cream and had little relief and almost gave up, I decided to try again in desperation using more cream both day and night from day 16 of my cycle. I was amazed that after about 3 months of using the cream I finally had my first pain free period in about five years. I was so happy and I didn't have to carry babies nappies around with me for the heavy flow as even that subsided, and no more pain killers so my liver is much more happier. I keep using the cream now (nearly 2 years) and think it is about time I spread the wonderful news about Napro, on this new site, so women out there with the same problem can give it a try, and change their life for the better. After wasting loads of money in the past on herbs that were suppose to shrink my fibroids, I have decided to continue to use Napro through to my menopause. I have just turned 50 and feel fabulous. Thank you Jean for supplying me with this magic in a tube.

Mar 06, 2012 by Kathy

After 1 year of hot flashes i just wanted to die untill i found Natpro on the internet. I first bought only 3 tubes and at the end of them there was no turning back I ended up buying 20 tubes so I would never run out (not to mention its a little cheaper) I would expect them to last me at least 8 months or more but I will never be without it again. Its the best!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 13, 2012 by KE

I used the cream a while back for PMS and it was fab! Then i stopped it as I had the coil fitted but a year later when I had to have a hysterectomy and started menopause i was straight back on the cream. It doesn't do much for my low libido but my moods are better and althought i still have a couple of hot flushes a day they are much improved. I'm not sure i use enough cream to be honest but that can be easily sorted. Jean's postal service is wonderful and i would definately recommend.

Excellent Product

Jan 10, 2012 by Dawn Fallon

I have found this cream restores balance and calmness - and my husband also uses the cream for men. It has helped us both improve our mid-life health and wholness.

Natpro - thank you

Dec 21, 2011 by Lorna Dyter

Natpro is great, it has helped me a lot and when purchasing or asking questions, the service has been excellent and very helpful. Other types of progesterone are nothing like as effective & sometimes more expensive

Great Cream, Great Service

Dec 21, 2011 by Trish

This cream has really balanced my cycles and it's easier to use than others I've tried because it's double the concentration of the others, so you don't have to practically cover your whole body to get enough cream.

For those having trouble with measuring, I use those little plastic measuring spoons you get for cooking, which seem to work quite well. It is tricky if you need an amount not catered for by the spoons though.

The service from ordering to receiving is absolutely excellent and lightning fast - again, unlike other creams I've used.

Thank you very much for a great service.

Hormone Imbalance

Dec 20, 2011 by L S

First of all many thanks to Jean for a prompt compassionate service. I have always had PMS symptoms but just accepted them. After a period of stress lasting about three years and whilst using a contraceptive pill I began to have very dry skin and some moderate acne on face and shoulders coupled with low libido, I put this down to pill use and stopped using it assuming my symptoms would disappear after a year or so.

So I waited neither getting better nor worse and then had another stressful time lasting about two months. After which I experienced worsening of all symptoms with what appeared to be small irritating eczema patches of skin and no libido whatsoever for four weeks, then I discovered Bio-identical natural progesterone cream. I tried a different brand for one month initially and my 'eczema' started to improve within 30 minutes! I do experience some oestrogen dominance headaches but I'm still learning to use the cream appropriately with lifestyle changes, deodorant and talcs seem to encourage breast tenderness so I look for natural products where possible now. I've tried one tube of Natpro so far and it's a lovely soft cream in discreet packaging and it works very, very well! Libido is also back to normal.

A real lifeline!

Dec 15, 2011 by Karen

I suffered dreadful hot flushes for the first two years of the menopause but because of breast cancer and lots of other cancers in my family I did not want to touch HRT. I therefore researched progesterone cream on the internet and found Natpro after using two other projesterone creams, including Progest the other market leader, which in comparison to Natpro 'smells' and is greasy in my experience. Natpro in contrast is very rapidly taken into the skin with no sticky residue whatsoever and lasts 13 hours. I have had to adjust my dose until the sweats all but disappeared (ie doubled the dose) but apart from the sweats dropping off the amazing difference it has made to my mental state, hair, skin, body shape and general well being is incalculable! You have no idea how muddled and miserable you feel during the menopause until the fog lifts and it does if you start rubbing in this amazing cream. Remember how you bloomed and thought you could 'take the world' when you were pregnant? Well thats what you feel like once you've been on Natpro cream for a few months. The customer care is second to none too. Thank you Jean! Natpro has been my life saver literally, talk about Jekyll and Hyde!


Dec 15, 2011 by Patricia

Started the menopause early and didn't want to be on HRT. Read about various different products on-line and decided to give NATPRO a try (1) it's natural and (2) the reviews....It works for me, the first tube lessened the symptoms, and the 2nd stopped them totally, no more flushes!! Now I keep a tube of cream and use it periodically. Would definately recommend it.

Dec 15, 2011 by michele wallis

i've been using natpro for a has eased all my symptoms from hot flushes to mood. i find the service and advice offered by this site excellent. i am so happy i found natpro and didn't take my GP's advice to use the coil.

Measuring Nightmare

Dec 15, 2011 by Tracy

I have been using the cream for around a year now and think it does work in lots of areas. Unfortunatley i do suffer from low labido and no amount of the cream has helped for me.

I found the measuring of it very confusing and still do and think this could be improved as if you read on other sites it appears to be a major issue for people.

I would like to stop the cream just to see if my symptoms come back but am scared. If I did that how long would it take to get back on track?

Postal service excellent.

Dec 14, 2011 by AM

I have been using the cream for around 9 months now and it works! Has cleared most symptoms associated with approaching menopause.

progesterone cream

Dec 14, 2011 by EL

I have used the cream for a few months and am really impressed,I feel so much better.Initially I tried another well advertised brand but it had little effect and seemed to stop working-if it worked at all.I tried Natpro and wouldn't be without it,it took a few weeks to feel the full benefit,now no hot flushes,no night sweats and although I feel tired at times I feel better than I had for along time.Wouldn't be without it!!
Far safer than the HRT from dr-they know very little.


Dec 14, 2011 by Deborah ellis

I had really bad migraine for years and after using natpro they stopped. I sometimes get back ache and other symptoms and when they get really bad I use more of the cream and it sorts everything out for me. I wouldn't be without it thanks. Very good and fast postal service too.

What a relief!

Dec 14, 2011 by Kathryn Farrell

I have been using Natpro for 6 months and oh what a difference. I am 56 and had a hysterectomy when I was 38. I still have my ovaries. I could tell I still had an ovulation cycle but very unpredictable and could only be detected by mood swings and changes in appetite. I wondered if I was going to get away with a slight menopause until 30th September 2009. I had been told that I would not mistake a hot flush, oh how right, how awfully right. I suffered for about a year trying everything herbal on the market but with no success. Thank goodness I stumbled across this wonderful cream. I read about the dubious effects of ooestrogen and did some research which led me here. From countless horrendous flushes throughout the day and night, I now only have the occasional one. I went on holiday for 4 days forgetting to take the cream with me. Days 1 & 2 led me to believe I didn't need it anymore or the effect had been placebo. Day 3, I was planning to go home early, I had forgotten how bad things had been. I have reduced the dosage to about the size of a small broad bean (very scientific!) and will occasionally stop for a while to see if the symptoms have gone. I have not experienced mood swings whilst using Natpro nor any other symptoms associated with the menopause. Would I recommend it, oh yes, most definitely. Has the service been good, no, it's been excellent! Thank you.

Thank you

Dec 14, 2011 by Caroline Secombe

I absolutely love the natpro cream. I have tried a couple of other types, but they didn't feel as pure as this one. Thank you for your efficient and friendly service too.


Dec 14, 2011 by June Higgs

I was on oestrogen patches for 12 years which did stop the awful hot flushes and night sweats until I was told by my GP that I could no longer have them due to the risks. I really suffered for a couple of years until someone told me about progesterone. I searched the web and found your web site, ordered NatPro and have not looked back since. Within 3 days I felt a difference and after a couple of weeks the hot sweats had almost disappeared. As an added bonus I no longer suffer with swollen ankles which were a way of life for me before. I just go on line, a couple of clicks and 3 days later I have more of your magic cream. Please keep up the good work. JH


Dec 14, 2011 by dm

Have been using for over 10 years...would not be without natpro.
Approaching age 70 and feeling good.

Dec 14, 2011 by Michele Gan

I think your service is fantastic and recommend you to anyone I know as they approach menopause. I felt so much better when I was using the cream, I found it especially good at reducing hot flushes at night. I has to stop using it for a while due to financial reasons but luckily things are back on course I am back on the cream and everyone in the family is happy with me on an even keel and no mood swings!!!!!!!
I have had no problems with your service I have found it quick and efficient and you have never let me down. Many thanks, keep up the good work.
All the best

4.9 5.0 36 36 I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend this cream to help balance the hormones for both male and female use. I use it for Menopausal symptoms, which it has sorted with no ef Natpro Natural Progesterone Cream